the original motorcycle lowering link 


Welcome to our new website! The same KoubaLink brand you know and trust, now provides an easy, up-to-date online shopping experience. We hope you enjoy the new look, but if something isn’t working correctly, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Here at Koubalink, we specialize in motorcycle lowering and performance linkages for off-road and dual-sport rear suspension systems. We hope that all of our products add to your motorcycling experience and make it a little more enjoyable. Compromise is not an option at KoubaLink and we listen to people from all over the world explain where and how they use their off-road and dual-sport bikes.  With their input, we have designed all our products starting with the KoubaLinks.

"Good enough" is not in the KoubaLink vocabulary; not for design, not for materials and workmanship, and certainly not for customer service.  We use only the best quality components and designs. KoubaLink gives you choices based on how you ride; whether you're a racer, weekend fire-road cruiser, or just need a lower seat height without giving up suspension performance. We try to design our products to meet YOUR specific riding style and terrain.